Writing Exercise: Nightime Rituals

One of my favorite writing exercises is to imagine the going-to-bed habits of my characters.  I may never use these details in a story, but it helps me identify particular traits about a character that will lend itself to other “truisms” about their behavior.  Does your character make it a habit to drink, smoke, and pass out every night, or is there a 19-step night time regimen that must be followed to the most infinite of details?  Does your character wear pajamas?  Do they climb into a bed with freshly turned down sheets, or do they curl up on a matress in the corner of a flophouse somewhere?  This exercise gives you so many things to consider, it can really enrich a flat character into something that seems more like a real person.

Tomorrow I will post my results of this prompt for one of the following characters: homeless girl, Cassia;  time traveler, DG; or one of three characters from “Church of the Palomino.”  Let’s see who steps forward in my dreams.


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