Exercise: Write on Anything!

Have you ever found yourself at a restaurant or sitting in a meeting room or on the bus or wherever and had the urge to write but had nothing to write upon.  Or maybe you only have old bills in your purse/briefcase.  Maybe you just bought lunch and you have this paperbag, but no paper.

My challenge to you is to select one of these things:  an envelope, one piece of paper from a bill you have already paid, a “mostly not writing” ad in a magazine or newspaper (about the size of a standard piece of paper), or a paper bag of any size.  If you choose an envelope, carefully unfold all the flaps and edges so you have more surface area to write on.

Once you have made your selection, write until you run out of space.  If you really get going, find another spare scrap, rip the bag so you can write on the inside, find another “mostly not writing” ad, or heck, write across the print, if you can read your own writing over it.  Start with “I can’t believe…”

See where a piece of trash can take you.

My own exercise to follow…I need to work on the rest of Max’s story, anyway.


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