Facing the Music!

I started this blog because one of my favorite kids made me see that I am wasting time on a life that does not feed my soul, one that does not match my dreams.  I put a deadline on myself to finish a short story.  This deadline was June 31st.  Well, I will say that I halfway met that mark.  I compiled all of my writings into the logical order I believed they should go, but when I read the story out loud to myself, I realized that I had spent too much time on one of the main characters and I didn’t know how to end it.  I *think* I know how to end it, but first, I want to make my other main character seem more realistic and vulnerable. 

Now, I know I am writing a short story about two people who meet at a strip club, so how seriously should I take it?  I probably should try to make it funnier, honestly.  I don’t have much personal experience about strip clubs and the kind of people who go there or work there, but the two times I have found myself in a strip club (to watch boxing matches with a big group of folks), each time I spotted him…Max.  A guy who, for the life of him, was all but worshipping the women there, seemingly one in particular.  And I wondered how a grown man finds himself in such a place, emotionally, to need this place.  And then it seemed like…church.  Like even if it was some temporary high gained from the magic of being treated nicely, even sexually attractive, by a woman who could easily be a model…or his daughter…or granddaughter…it was what he needed. 

And I dragged that story idea around with me for probably 4 years.  I have others.  My first novel is one born in 2003, still unwritten, just stored in the back hallways of my mind.  With a lot of other stories.

So, now the idea is to think about this girl Max is worshipping.  Is it an accident that he is attracted to her?  What is this life she is living?  What is she getting out of it?  Only money?  So, since I don’t know the answers to these questions for my stripper, now I have to take the time to figure them out and do the same exercises that I did for Max.

The task for tomorrow morning, then, is…the night time habits of Shannon.


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