So Close, I Can Taste It

Given the fact that I am calling out my near-completion of a short story about a stripper, the title of this blog is probably too suggestive.  But, oh well.

So, I am nearly done with that dang story, Church of the Palomino.  I only have one small “setting the scene” for transition, a few small details to add about Shannon’s family, and the grand finale of the ending.  I at least know where I want to take it, but I keep tip-toeing around that ending.  Man, it’s so hard for me!

I am trying to come up with a writing exercise that is going to help me write that “setting the scene” part and the ending.  I think, when I really get to the editing phase, I will sprinkle in those crumbs of family info. 

So, to sort of borrow a suggestion from a friend–I’m going to twist the exercise to serve my own purposes–since I know where I want to go with this, I am going to visualize a “photo” of the ending.  For the exercise, I am going to first, write what happened right before this picture was taken, then I am going to write the moment captured by the “photo,” and then I am going to write “what happened next,” right after the picture was taken.  Of course, no one is going to be in my story taking a photo of my characters, so it is going to require a vivid imagination, but whatevs…I’ve got one of THOSE.  For yourself, you might try this with a literal photo or painting.  Good luck!

Thanks, Kristen, for the idea!


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