Please excuse the vanity…

I guess all blogs are fueled by some kind of vanity.  But these next few months of posts will be dedicated solely to the decision making process around…my wedding!  Possibly the most vain of the vanity projects.  But no, seriously…it’s fun and I want to share stuff easily with my friends without clogging their email/text inboxes.  So here we go…the ever-handy blog!

And as you may guess by the title of this blog, my wedding is going to be inspired by my home state and the attire we are so commonly stereotyped as wearing:  cowboy duds.  I kept having this idea of an “Urban Cowboy” kind of wedding…just a small ceremony, then head on down to the Broken Spoke for some two-steppin’ and beers.  But then it seemed like the older folks would feel out of place at a honky tonk, and no kids would be able to go, and I really want some kids to be there, so…there are going to be some more significant purchases and planning to coordinate than Bud and Sissy did.

First.  Easy things.

This is the cake I want:
Que bonita!

I want really basic flowers (one small bouquet for my one attendant, a bit larger one for me, boutonnieres for my guy, his best man, my dad, and something for my mom…I think that’s all) that look like these (or close to it):
tropicana roses

There ceremony’s going to be here:
ZBG Rose Garden

And I could be wearing something like this:

Or this:

long lace

Or this:

(they won’t let me link a photo for some reason…go look at the Anthropologie website and search for “Lacefall Dress.”)

You get the idea.

What’s really giving me trouble is the reception place. It needs to be big enough to dance at. It needs to allow drinking. I want to have a potluck (more on this in another post), so they need to let my guests bring food i.e. not limit it to a licensed caterer. And it needs to not be too expensive or already booked. This wedding is happening soon, y’all.

This is the front runner, though it is too expensive for me to cover alone. I am trying to do this without my parents help, but it might have to come down to that if I can’t find an alternative fast. There are pictures on Yelp and it is available (or was last week :\). They will allow the potluck, they have a bar, and I wouldn’t need to bring in tables or anything, I don’t think. It’s not much to look at on the outside, but it’s the inside that counts. And all I really care about is dancing the night away, so this place can provide that.

Getaway Motor Club

A different place I just found today could really be a lovely locale for a mingle-minded reception with enough space to do some dancing. If the weather is bad that day, it’s kind of limited in space, but if the weather is its usual Austin-balmy self, this place would be ah-maze-ing! I am still waiting to see if it is available, so nobody freak out yet at how cute it is. It is also very potluck friendly, and much closer to the ceremony site than the other one.

Amala Foundation - Sanctuary

There is still a lot to do, but things are moving in the right direction!


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