Time to get Creative

Bad news. The Getaway Motor Club is not for me. There was no obvious signage on the outside of the building, no sign, no parking. It looked like a warehouse…and I don’t mean I didn’t like it because it was “industrial” on the outside…it was like a scary-looking warehouse. Like rusted out doors and strange, not-patched holes in the exterior. It’s just not going to work. Especially not for what they quoted me ($3500).

And the other place, “The Sanctuary” was already booked on my day. Boo.

So. Yeah.

The good news is I can see this as a challenge that can be solved…somehow. Someway.

I have a very good lead on a very cool spot, but the only problem is that I have to wait for some contractual stuff to get settled between the building’s owner and the people who will be leasing it in the very near future. The owner seems super cool and told me I was first on the list. The price is right. And get this…it’s in the heart of downtown Austin. It is actually across the street from where C and I had our first official date. Since we met in the middle of 6th Street on New Year’s Night, it seems fitting to celebrate this day downtown. It is also practically around the corner from where the ceremony will happen. The only thing to worry about is the limitations on what we can bring to the venue. If they want a licensed caterer only to bring in food, then we will figure out a way to get someone to make my family’s food on the cheap. My friend, Kristen, is full of insider know-how with some really great ideas about how to get around the licensed caterer thing without paying an arm and a leg for it.

AND IF for some reason this doesn’t work…I am willing to rent a warehouse space and turn it into my dream space. And quite frankly, it would probably cost the same as one of these venues (or less) renting for a whole a month. Austin being Austin, people do this all the time during music festivals for shows and whatnot, so I think it’s a very real possibility.

And if worse comes to worst, then we WILL just traipse on down to a bar somewhere and take over the place. Or build a dancefloor in the back yard. Or…I don’t know…flashmob on 6th street.

The short term impact is obviously the delay in sending out invitations. It’s really too late to do a “save the date” AND invitations, so…with time running out, I need to nail something down very, very soon.

Cross your fingers, people. And pray. Please.


One thought on “Time to get Creative

  1. Hey Girl! This is the new Director of Events at Amala Foundation’s event space The Sanctuary. I’d love to be in touch with you! Thanks for the shout-out for the venue. I was JUST contacted by a bride-to-be looking for a venue that found us through your blog!

    I’d like to also send you an invite to a smashing event I’m producing as a member of the Bird Dog Wedding Team at the new Palm Door on Sixth venue. It’s LOVE BASH! on Thursday Feb 13th: https://www.facebook.com/events/1524615271096844/. We’ve got killer vendors, food, drinks, flowers, live music and fun!

    Hit me up at JessicaRyan@amalafoundation.org, JessicaRyan@BirdDogWedding.com, or JessicaRyanEvents@gmail.com = all work for me! Thanks! Jessica Ryan

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