The Great Boot Conundrum

So…I’m wearing boots to my wedding. Not just a “regular” old pair of boots, but some fairly fancy ones, albeit ones I would still wear in “real life.” Now, for me, that means I’d probably sport these and my other favorite boots at least once a week (each) at work during the fall and winter and early spring. They need to be versatile, but, quite frankly, beautiful.

Now. The conundrum begins with the fact that I have a wonky ankle and big feet. It is not easy to find a size 11 of anything, especially women’s cowboy boots, that don’t make you look like you are walking around in boats. A flattering boot, however, even in size 11, can make you look like a rodeo queen, at least from toe to knee.

In all honesty, I am kind of a boot snob, and quality is of ultimate concern for me. I expect this pair of footwear to last at least 10-20 years. I expect this because I have boots that I have already had for 10-20 years and they could go another 20. I also expect cowboy boots to be made in the USA or Mexico because, hello, that’s where people wear them and therefore (one would think) the craftspeople should better know how to make them correctly and to last. At least that is my rationale. They also cost a pretty signficant amount of money and an animal had to give its life for the existence of the boots. In short, these are not *just* wedding boots, they are an investment.

This is my first choice:
first choice

This is a boot made by Corral, and is made in Mexico (like all Corral boots, according to their website). I like the wow factor, I think they are gorgeous and unique, and the shaft isn’t so tall that it would dig into my leg. However, finding this boot is not easy. No store in town has it. Boots are something you really should try on, so I tried other Corral boots with a similar toe style and they all fit fine. But some of the boots, in size 11, look like boats to me. It’s hard to keep perspective, though, when you are looking at your own feet in an outfit nothing like the one you plan to wear the boots with. I can only find these on the Corral website, which means no price reduction can be finagled in the store via sale or coupon.

This boot is a possibility because I like the way it looks on me:
second choice

But they don’t have this kind with the turquoise inlay in my size in the store (they have one with brown inlay – boring), which is less of an issue, really because they are easy to find online. I think they are more brown than I was envisioning for myself and I wanted something with a bit more pop of color. Pretty on the foot, though. And arguably more versatile for day-to-day wear.

I also like this one, but I haven’t found an 11 to try on:
fancy stitch

It has the pop of color and looks pretty in the picture, but I am afraid of the boat effect. I tried on a different pair of a similar style boot and it was like me and Big Foot were trading footwear at a sleep over. HUGE looking. That’s not something I even want to think about on my wedding day. Of course the one I tried on was a mostly light color and light colored things exaggerate size…but still! I don’t think I can buy it unless I see it on my foot first.

So…then I thought about a different color/style/brand…and really it’s limitless. I kind of like red boots like these:
red boots

But what about these? Hmmm…heel is too low.

I lurve me some Tony Lama boots, but they don’t make my size in women’s, which means I’m left looking at men’s boots, and none of them are fancy enough for a wedding.


So, I think I’m going with my first choice. If something happens (like they are considered special order and it’s going to take 90 days to get here) to this plan, I’ll have to reevaluate my second choice and carry a bigger bouquet to compensate. Or go red.

Too many options!!!