And the Saga Continues…


That place downtown?

Yeah. Not available.


And now a cleansing breath. And now a positive attitude? And a possible aversion to blabbing my business all over the blog-o-sphere because I am apparently jinxing myself?

Well, no. Although I have some belief in hoo-doo, luck, and spirit worlds and the like, I’m going to go ahead and share the latest development in reception places.

I have been driving past this little place like three or four times a week and the thought would occur to me: “That place is cute. Maybe I should check it out.” And then I continue on about my business and forget about it as soon as I get out of the car. But when that place downtown (after the guy totally led me on about how I was first on the list and November 9th was a very real possibility and blah blah blah) fell through last night, this other place jumped to the front of my brain. Finally, at the prompting of my friend, Rebecca, I emailed them to ask if it was available.

Here’s what they said(!):

“Our rate for private events is $200 per hour and only during nonbusiness hours (before 4 pm). If you would like to have the event during business hours, there is no charge but it can’t be a private event. If it is a private event, you’re welcome to decorate, bring in food, provide entertainment and all ages are ok as long as minors are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Our capacity is 75 inside, and 300 outside.

Just let us know if you’re looking for a private event or would like to have the event during normal business hours. We do have a private area we could reserve on the patio during business hours for no charge.

Thank you.”

SO! Now I’m all like “yes! this could really work!”

But my business analyst brain is in overdrive thinking of the possible if/thens.

My ceremony is currently scheduled to take place in mid-town from 3:00 – 4:30.

If we keep this time, then we can (very Bud & Sissy-esquely) crowd on to the porch of this place and have a little shindig with whomever wants to join us back there.

If we do that, then I need to ask about bringing in food, if we can have a dj and/or mariachis show up, what’s the deal with paying for drinks for the people in our group, and let people know that kids can’t come.

OR we could stop at the house, eat, and move as a group to this place leaving the kids with a babysitter at the house, to be retrieved later.

OR (and I’m going to lean toward this one in the short term) I can see if I can move the ceremony to, say, noon. Then, we could all arrive at this place around 1-ish. We can eat and drink and be merry to our hearts delight until 4 (for only $600!). We can arrange for food and kids to be shuttled off to the house (very nearby, btw), and move ourselves to the back porch area, where we can continue to carry on with the celebrations, albeit in a more open to the community way. We may still want to figure out a way to have “our” music, if the venue is cool with that, as long as it’s not too loud or too competitive with the jukebox. Or heck, maybe we’ll just pour a bunch of money into the jukebox and dance the night away like a real honky tonk!

And now, I’m suddenly freeing up my brain to think about decorations and other things on my to-do list like, I don’t know…invitations???!!!  They need to go out ASAP!

Another cleansing breath.  Whew.  Maybe this is going to happen, after all!